We build web3 products

Design and development to build better, faster, on MultiversX

Scalable web3 solutions

Software development

We have extensive experience and technical skills to build web3 products on MultiversX. We can help with smart contract development, auditing, dApp development, blockchain integrations, tokenomics and a lot more.

Web/UI/UX design

We can build your product from scratch or improve a currently existing product. We have extensive experience with building products in both web2 and web3 so we’re sure we can find the right solution for your users.

Products we built so far

Giants Village is the initial project we started to work together on as a team. It’s one of the oldest NFT driven projects on MVX and we’re building the game and community for the long term.

CoinDrip is a tokens streaming protocol powered by the MultiversX blockchain. With a simple, one-time deposit, you can pay salaries, do ESDT vesting, and many other things in a descentralized way. 

xDevHub is a community platform aggregating resources to build on MultiversX. We designed and built the platform, added resources and promoted engagement within the commnunity. 

MyErd is one of the first products we build on MultiversX. It was built as a way to show off your NFTs. You can create your account and expose your blockchain assets for the world to see. 

web3print is built so the community can print NFTs from both the MultiversX and Ethereum blockchains on tshirts and other products. You can connect your wallet, pick your NFT and pay with crypto. 

Orcas is probably the most prominent gaming guild on MultiversX. We designed and built the visual identity, web experience, the website and the community management dApp. 

Product design and web3 tech

We provide top-notch design and development services to help businesses navigate the rapidly evolving Web3 landscape. Whether you’re a startup looking to build your first decentralized application (dApp), or an established enterprise seeking to integrate blockchain technology into your existing infrastructure, we have the expertise and experience to help you succeed in this new era of decentralized computing.


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